What is it?

From the bottom to the top:


  1. Ground level graded to falls

  3. Drainage layer of clean stone depth dependent upon loading

  5. Geotextile membrane

  7. Thin sharp sand screed

  9. EcoGrid filled with clean fine stone or sharp sand

  11. Shockpad applied if necessary

  13. Artificial turf of choice

  15. Optional clipped edge system


EcoGrid comes in palletised form, in rows of 12 grids already locked together so fitting couldn't be quicker. The grids simply and permanently snap-fit together to form a completely locked down base for your artificial turf installation. And EcoGrid is guaranteed for 20 years.


  • Reduces or eliminates expensive excavation
  • Keeps the artificial turf away from the sub-base
  • Is completely free draining
  • Makes the surface load bearing even to heavy vehicles
  • Increases the longevity of the grass
  • Is made from recycled materials
  • Is carbon neutral
  • Is unaffected by sunlight, heat, frost or chemicals 

Excavation is as little as 40mm for standard domestic applications meaning that there are a number of inherent advantages:

  • Less excavation therefore less waste to landfill and quicker preparation
  • Less requirement for hard-core
  • Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour
  • No down time due to inclement weather as the base can be laid in the wet
  • No inconvenience to clients as the grids are immediately load bearing
  • Base is elastomeric and a softer landing pad

Once the EcoGrid is laid, any shapes or angular cuts can be put in with a standard angle grinder, the grids will cut at walking pace. The EcoGrid system is then edged with a 60mm flexible clip and fix system that is drilled with a 5mm bit and the secure anchors are affixed giving a 20mm edge restraint which then allows an easy fitting of the artificial grass system.

Where can it be used?

The surfacing can be used for all areas that either require a load bearing, aesthetic and very permeable surface for loadings from a small childrens playground, domestic gardens or sports surface to cars of to 7.5 tonnes.

How to?

Once the surface has been excavated and  prepared, the grids are swiftly laid on the screed level, curves are formed with our unique curving piece. A retaining edge strip and secure anchor system is available to form a secure fixed edge to which the artificial grass can be secured.  It should be noted that the fill material should be sharp angular stone and range from 5-10mm. River bed or rounded stone can be used but this material does not lock together as well as angular.

A permeable shockpad can be placed on the grids prior to the turf to give a graded critical fall height appropriate to your needs

Artificial turf options?



Grasses by Application

Whatever your needs – bringing to life a patchy lawn, building a safe play area, fitting a professional sports pitch or creating your own roof top garden, Namgrass has the artificial grass solution for you. Our artificial grass provides a professional look for commercial and home applications alike. Our products are extremely versatile and have been installed across the UK featuring in residential and commercial applications from the London 2012 Olympics to stylish restaurant interiors. Our fake grass has a variety of benefits that stand the test of time. No matter which range you choose, you are assured a number of benefits; a 10 year guarantee, a natural look and feel, long lasting and low maintenance practicality

We offer a wide variety of artificial turf products and base shock pads from Namgrass


Green Basic

Green Bliss

Green Eclipse

Green Meadow

Green Mirage

Green Oasis

Green Vision

Living Colours:Black

Living Colours:Blue

Living Colours:Brown

Living Colours:Green

Living Colours:Grey

Living Colours:Red

Living Colours:White

Living Colours:Yellow

Pro Putt

Our shockpad (available in different thicknesses)




Artificial turf Accessories?



We supply a firm clip and fix edging system that offers a guide to ensure continuous levels across surfaces as well as the ability to cut patterns and curves to surfaces. We also have a unique curving piece to ensure continuous curving of grid based surfaces without the need for cutting. 



EcoGrid grid products suitable for artificial turf applications

Light/Medium duty domestic applications

With a medium profile and an incredible load bearing capacity of 500 tonnes per square meter when filled, EcoGrid EH40 is more than capable of withstanding the pressures of everything a family may throw at it.

For more information regarding EcoGrid EH40 click here

Heavy duty loading and commercial applications

With a loading capacity of up to 800 tonnes per square meter when filled, EcoGrid E50 is a heavy hitter that can handle industrial pressure. Whether you have a sports field or an area that will get heavy constant use E50 is the grid for the job.

For more information regarding EcoGrid E50 click here

How to start planning an artificial turf surface with EcoGrid as the base system

Firstly we would recommend looking at the PDF resources below. These provide a comprehensive guide for the installation of EcoGrid and adding the gravel surface as well as giving real life examples of EcoGrid being used for this task.

Installation Instructions

EcoGrid Brochure

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