What is it?

Here we have a typical Ecogrid Bloxx car park, build up layers would be as follows:


Ecogrid Bloxx concrete set filled supplied by Ecogrid (comes in a range of colours)

Fine stone screed (20-40mm)

Geotextile membrane(100-115g typically)

Clean stone or type3 reduced fines (150mm typically)

Ecogrid Bloxx is a recycled plastic quick and easy fit housing for a new-laminated concrete block system and compressed rubber block system. The system comes as individual 330mm x 330mm x 50mm tiles that arrive on site pre-clipped together as nine units or 1.33 square metres, therefore the fitting time is very swift. The unique design means that surface detritus trapped withing the cells of the housing are not compressed by pedestrian or vehicle traffic and is subsequently washed away. The housing also features a twin wall design which has the advantage of expanding within it's own area. The Ecogrid Bloxx system needs no costly and non-environmentally friendly cement or silica sand to fit.

Excavation is as little as 120mm for standard vehicle domestic applications meaning that there are a number of inherent advantages:

  • Less excavation therefore less waste to landfill and quicker preparation
  • Less requirement for hard-core
  • No requirement for cement
  • No silica sand infill
  • Twin wall design means no compaction of detritus by trafficking
  • Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour
  • No down time due to inclement weather as the base can be laid in the wet
  • No inconvenience to clients as the grids are immediately load bearing

Once the Ecogrid is laid, any shapes or angular cuts can be put in with a standard angle grinder, the grids will cut at walking pace.

Where can it be used?

The surfacing can be used for all areas that either require a load bearing, aesthetic and very permeable surface for loadings from a small child to articulated lorries turning in an external warehousing facility. Pathways, emergency access routes, domestic driveways, commercial car parks to name just a few applications.

How to?

Once the surface has been excavated and  prepared, the grids are swiftly laid on the screed level in sections of 1.33 square metres. The concrete or compresed rubber inserts are then placed within the housings. These units come in a variety of colours so that an infinite amount of patterns and features can be achieved.

Once laid, the area is compacted using a standard machine and then basically the job is done.

Maintenance is very swift, once a year the area can be washed clean with a standard domestic pressure washer.


We offer a wide variety of Bloxx for the infill, either compressed rubber for examples such as golf pathways or children's playgrounds or concrete in a variety of colours to create patterns and features.


The Ecogrid Bloxx system is a standard sized housing grid that is fully compatible with all other Ecogrid products, this means that you can add grass or gravel filled grids within the design.

Products Suitable for Gravel Parking and Load Bearing Applications

For all applications from pedestrian traffic to heavy duty vehicle options up to 800 tonnes per square metre

Ecogrid Bloxx is the 'do all' system for all hard standing applications, both swift and easy fit with no additional or specialised tools required

Heavy loading applications

With a loading capacity of 800 tonnes per square metre and a range of styling choices EcoGrid Bloxx suites any load bearing application

For more information regarding EcoGrid Bloxx click here

How to start planning a Bloxx surface?

Firstly we would recommend looking at the PDF resources below. These provide a comprehensive guide for the installation of EcoGrid Bloxx and adding the specialised infill materials as well as giving real life examples of EcoGrid Bloxx being used for this task.

Bloxx brochure

EcoGrid Brochure

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