What is it?

A Green roof system in a number of different guises:

  1. A modular green roof tray, featuring a self-contained, easy fit and forget system to supply a natural sedum or grassed surface without the hassle of layer build up, separate membrane layers and drainage layers. An in-build reservoir and unique tray make-up ensures a quality green roof without the hassle of worrying about irrigation as it is all encompassed within the tray. The tray comes to site pre-grown in palletised form ready to go, lay the trays (4 per square metre), clip them together if required, fit our edge system if required and go home, Simple!
    Four per square metre
    Size: 600x400x68mm (4 per square metre)
    Weight: 1.52KG (filled weight worst case scenario 90kg/m2)
  2. A single or double layer of grids to any depth, grown off-site and supplied in pallet form. Surfacing may be required to be 100mm deep. Here a layer of s50 is laid down first and filled with a lightweight growing medium; then the pre-grown s50 tiles are laid on the top; thereby giving a 50mm surface layer and 50mm root zone layer.

Where can it be used?

Any roof surface from flat to heavily inclined from 50mm to 200mm onwards. Any depth, any slope any where.

How to?

Once the roof is clean and free of debris, the trays or grids are laid. If in doubt; you may wish to consider a protective non-woven membrane to ensure there is no damage to roof surfaces if they are old and in a poor state. Always ask for advice here.


We offer an anchor pin system to affix individual trays together and an edge and pin system to create a clean edged finish for your green roof.


  • Green roof tray anchor system.
  • Green roof edge retaining system.
  • Green roof variety of sedum or grass mixes.
  • Green roof ecogrid angular piece to allow laying of grids over a roof apex.

Products Suitable for Green Roofing

Pre-planted for Instant Impact

EcoGrid EcoSedum Trays come pre-planted so that your installation is as fast as possible

For more information regarding EcoGrid EcoSedum pre-planted click here

Empty Tray for Custom Sedum Options

EcoGrid EcoSedum trays come empty so that you can make a personal sedum choice.

For more information regarding EcoGrid EcoSedum click here

How to start planning an ecogrid green roof

EcoSedum Brochure

EcoGrid Brochure

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