What is it?

ECOGRID® meets all the requirements of an environmentally compatible ground reinforcement system, without sealing the soil. The recycled and durable tiles made of pure polyethylene are also absolutely environmentally neutral. With an area of 1.33 m² per module and a low net weight, laying couldn’t be easier. If necessary, several thousand square metres of ground reinforcement can be laid in just one day. As soon as the patented connection system clicks into place, a single uninterrupted flat surface is created – piece by piece. The load spreading design reliably prevents the edges of individual tiles from protruding and prevents hollows or even subsidence from occurring.

EcoGrid prevents erosion by:

Reinforcing the ground and preventing the excessive migration of fill materials;

Providing a permeable surface to assist in ground water absorption, thus decreasing water runoff.

In its prevention of erosion, EcoGrid provides stability and safety, while improving an area’s aesthetics and reducing maintenance cost.

Ecogrid can be laid at any angles or slopes, it has a unique angled piece that takes a smooth run from the horizontal to the vertical and the A50 comes with an optional cross cut securing pin system of varying lengths

  • Can be laid directly on the soil or on a geotextile membrane
  • Can be pinned to hold securely (many options available)
  • Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour
  • Many grid options available
  • Can be immediately planted, seeded or grassed

Once the Ecogrid is laid, any shapes or angular cuts can be put in with a standard angle grinder, the grids will cut at walking pace.

Where can it be used?

Application areas

·        Car parks, parking zones, traffic islands

·        Supply roads, service roads

·        Emergency access routes, building site routes

·        Outdoor areas, green belts around high-rise

·        buildings

·        Playing and sports fields

·        Trade fair or garden centre exhibition areas

·        Temporary open spaces for events

·        Logistics areas

·        Slope and embankment reinforcement

·        Reinforcing banks and river beds

·        Zoos, e.g., animal enclosures and paths

·        Garden design, parks

·        Shooting ranges

·        Helicopter landing zones



ECOGRID® offers you every opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. Once laid, ECOGRID® offers an incredible capacity for high loads combined with a harmonious appearance. It’s easy to create a natural impression with ECOGRID®. It blends perfectly with natural surroundings with the added bonus of high durability. We’ve also come up with a solution for those who can’t wait for their grass seeds to green in the ECOGRID® cells: ECOGREEN®! – specially filled and pre-sown ECOGRID® elements have been specially designed to provide you with instant lush “green” directly after laying using various different plants, yet offering the same degree of high load capacity! Nowadays, essential hydraulic measures are used – with the help of ECOGRID® – to restore straightened and dammed watercourses to their natural condition, reintegrating them harmoniously into the landscape. ECOGRID® also promotes the vital task of water regulation in areas where the risk of flooding needs to be reduced.

How to?

Surfaces are prepared and levelled. The grids come pre-locked in sheets or rows of twelve. The system easily and securely clips together to form a complete load bearing reinforcement system.


You decide how you want to use ECOGRID® – the possibilities are practically endless. Whether for equestrian sports or golf, in garden design, landscaping or road construction, for roof gardens and, most recently, even for military purposes. You’ll find a use for ECOGRID® almost anywhere. Thanks to its excellent ground-reinforcing properties, e.g., in the case of field hospitals and tented cities in crisis areas, ECOGRID® has even been awarded NATO certification! Thanks to ECOGRID®, major events are now more fun for everyone – even when the heavens open! Open air spaces turning into quagmires are now finally a thing of the past. The ECOGRID® cells allow excess water to drain away quickly and effectively prevent the sub-surface from softening and becoming muddy.



·        Surface reinforcement with natural drainage

·        Quick and easy to install:

·        approx. 100 m²/ person and hour

·        Lightweight: 5-11 kg/m² depending on type

·        Low transport and handling costs

·        Maximum load up to 350 t/m² depending

·        on type

·        Maximum axle load 20 t in compliance with

·        DIN EN 1072

·        Certification under German TÜV quality system

·        Weather, frost and UV-resistant

·        Flexible, high tensile strength

·        No soil compaction

·        High rainwater infiltration

·        Excellent area load distribution


A complete range of securing pins are available from 145mm to 1000mm

A complete range of permeable, woven and non woven, non permeable membranes are available

Products Suitable for landscape construction

Heavy duty landscaping applications

With a high loading profile and an incredible lore than capable of withstanding anyoad bearing capacity of 800 tonnes per square metre when filled, EcoGrid a50 is m loading in landscape construction. For more information regarding EcoGrid a50 click here

Heavy loading applications

With a loading capacity of 800 tonnes per square metre and a range of styling choices EcoGrid Bloxx suites any load bearing application

For more information regarding EcoGrid Bloxx click here

Firstly we would recommend looking at the PDF resources below. These provide a comprehensive guide for the installation of EcoGrid and adding the gravel surface as well as giving real life examples of EcoGrid being used for this task.

Ecogrid landscape technology brochure

Ecogrid gravel parking and roadway case study

EcoGrid landscape construction brochure

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