What is it?

Temporary site access and sustainable roadways

Here we have two typical examples of an Ecogrid tree root protection system both grass or gravel filled. The layer build up would be as follows:


Ecogrid e50 either filled with gravel or seeded soil/sharp sand mix

Rootzone layer of soil and stone or clean, fine stone screed

Geotextile membrane

Drainage layer 100mm of clean stone or type 3 reduced fines

Ecogrid web-cell filled with clean stone or type 3 reduced fines


A TPO or tree root protection order is generally placed on urban areas where there are a number of mature trees that require protection, especially in urban development. Non-compliance with said orders can result in a fine of up to £20,000.00.

Most tree roots spread to the equivalent and sometimes twice the crown of the tree (the diameter of the top if presumes to be a circle). An Arboricultural officer for the local council planning department will confirm the trees to be protected and the methodology to do so. Most roots are found at approximately 600mm below the existing surface level and therefore it would be impossible not to damage them during normal construction processes. Planning applications can be made far more acceptable to an Arboricultural officers if a permeable and flexible surfacing is laid either independently or with a further supported and flexible layer.

Our Ecogrid Web Cell  


tree root protection layer is laid on a 20mm screed level and filled with clean stone.  The Ecogrid Web Cell grid comes in both 100mm and 200mm depth options of 31 square metre sections and is pinned with our Ecogrid ‘J’ pins in place. A 115 g geotextile membrane (NW8) is laid over the top of this and a further 20mm screed of 10mm clean stone laid over this as a bedding for the load bearing Ecogrid tiles, E40 for light to medium traffic and E50 for heavy duty traffic. In the case of grass finished, the S50 grid is laid for light to medium traffic and E50 for heavy duty traffic. (Product specification brochures can be downloaded here).


Ecogrid is recycled plastic matrix system that arrives on site in pre-locked grids of 12 or 1.33 square metres, each individual grid is 330mm x 330mm. There are a wide selection of grids available for a number of uses with loading capacities from 400 tonnes per square metre right up to double this. The finished surfacing is totally UV stable, is tested against all chemicals found in normal conditions and is fully TUV tested.


Urbanisation is increasing, particularly near to mature trees. Requirements for access roads, private driveways, overspill car parks and vehicle hard standing areas are constantly increasing. However, traditional methods of construction are not acceptable in these circumstances due to the damage caused to tree feeder roots, which weaken or kill the trees.

Damage to tree roots is usually caused by:

·        severing or cutting of roots during site excavation

·        compaction of surface soils by vehicles, reducing oxygen and nutrient exchange

·        installation of impermeable materials such as tarmac or concrete, blocking water permeation to the roots


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Excavation is as little as 120mm for standard vehicle domestic applications meaning that there are a number of inherent advantages:

  • Less excavation therefore less waste to landfill and quicker preparation
  • Less requirement for hard-core
  • Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour
  • No down time due to inclement weather as the base can be laid in the wet
  • No inconvenience to clients as the grids are immediately load bearing

Once the Ecogrid is laid, any shapes or angular cuts can be put in with a standard angle grinder, the grids will cut at walking pace.

Where can it be used?

The surfacing can be used for all areas that either require a load bearing, aesthetic and very permeable surface for loadings from a small child to articulated lorries turning in an external warehousing facility. Pathways, emergency access routes, domestic driveways, commercial car parks to name just a few applications.

How to?

Once the surface has been excavated and  prepared, the grids are swiftly laid on the screed level, curves are formed with our unique curving piece. A retaining edge strip and secure anchor system is available to form a barrier, impeding the travelling of infill material away from the surface (only necessary if you want to’override’ the grid surface with stone.  It should be noted that the fill material should be sharp angular stone and range from 5-10mm. River bed or rounded stone can be used but this material doses not lock together as well as angular.


We offer a wide variety of aggregate options and blends thereof in all naturally shaded options.


We supply a firm clip and fix edging system that offers a guide to ensure continuous levels across surfaces as well as the ability to cut patterns and curves to surfaces.

We also have a unique curving piece to ensure continuous curving of grid based surfaces without the need for cutting. We have a variety of UV stable markers to delineate parking bays and new for 2015 will be a clip and fix LED lighting marker in four different colours.

Products Suitable for Gravel Parking and Load Bearing Applications

Light/Medium vehicle loading and domestic applications

With a medium profile and an incredible load bearing capacity of 500 tonnes per square meter when filled, EcoGrid EH40 is more than capable of withstanding the pressures of a domestic driveway.

For more information regarding EcoGrid EH40 click here

Heavy vehicle loading and commercial applications

With a loading capacity of up to 800 tonnes per square meter when filled, EcoGrid E50 is a heavy hitter that can handle industrial pressure. Whether you have a parking bay for cargo transport or an aircraft landing strip E50 is the grid for the job.

For more information regarding EcoGrid E50 click here

Heavy loading applications

With a loading capacity of 800 tonnes per square metre and a range of styling choices EcoGrid Bloxx suites any load bearing application

For more information regarding EcoGrid Bloxx click here

How to Protect Your Trees With EcoGrid

Firstly we would recommend looking at the PDF resources below. These provide a comprehensive guide for the installation of EcoGrid and adding the gravel surface as well as giving real life examples of EcoGrid being used for this task.

Geotextile membranes brochure

Some suitable products

EcoGrid gravel parking and roadway case study

EcoGrid Brochure

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