What is it?

Ecogrid horse walker base construction


More information on these products can be found here: http://www.ecogrid.co.uk/equestrian/ecogrid-equestrian-suitable-products/


Ok, so looking at a horse walker base. 

We are often informed by customers that the standard horse walker base is too harsh on horses. Ecogrid Equigrids are an answer to this, they are:

  1. Cheaper to install by at least 50%
  2. Quicker to install
  3. Can be installed by an amateur
  4. Are hard wearing but a forgiving surface
  5. Are free draining
  6. Are easy to maintain
  7. Form a complete circle without cutting
  8. Are guaranteed for 20 years
  9. Are made from 100% recycled plastic
  10. Are UV stable

So how does it work?

The area is excavated as normal, allowing for a 100mm free draining sub-base of clean stone, a 30mm fine stone screed and a 40mm grid. Therefore 170mm overall.

  1. The stone is laid and compacted to the correct depth pertaining to amount of use and the grid 
  2. The geotextile membrane is laid, must be a minimum of 100g weight and specific quality
  3. The screed layer goes over the top, should be sharp sand or fine clean stone
  4. The grids and specialised curving pieces are laid
  5. The grids are filled with sharp sand or fine clean stone
  6. The grids are covered with a tread layer

Notes (Important)

  • If the grids are not to have a tread layer covering the grids at the correct depth appropriate to use, they must be maintained correctly and always have a sharp sand covering over the top of the grids which is kept at a level covering the grids at all times.
  • If a horse walker is to have heavy use (more than five hours per week overall) then a e50 grid and curving piece should be laid.
  • A lot of clients want to lay grids on a concrete base, this is not necessary nor preferred, however, if this is to be done; grids must be set on a bedding layer or screed which provides a cushion against the concrete and the grid so that it is unlikely for a horse to lift the grids which could spring up if laid directly on the concrete.


Our curving pieces



We will need the diameter of your overall walker in metres, plus

The width of the pathway in metres

The diameter of the central area in metres

We can then work out for you the proportion of grids to curving pieces to avoid any wastage




Our recycled plastic lumber products, superb for retaining the tread layer in one place

Recycled plastic posts, great to form post and rail, no rot, no paint fencing

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