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Ecogrid paddock construction

More information on these products can be found here: http://www.ecogrid.co.uk/equestrian/ecogrid-equestrian-suitable-products/


Ok, so working from the top to the bottom, we have:


1. Grassed finish both non-slip and hard wearing. Mud free !!

2. Our Ecogrid Equigrids suitable for this application, namely E50, E40. These are filled with sharp sand and topsoil mix at a ratio of 30:70, seeded

3. A fine stone and soil mixture layer 60-70mm in depth.

4. Our specialist geotextile membrane, no need for jointing tapes here or expensive thick membranes. The gotextiles are supported by our Ecogrid Equigrids

5. Your clean stone drainage layer, the depth of which depends on the make up of your soil conditions at your property

6. Ground levels, excavated to falls.



Our recycled plastic lumber products, superb for retaining the tread layer in one place

Recycled plastic posts, great to form post and rail, no rot, no paint fencing

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