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The New Ecogrid Flexible edge and pin system

The Ecogrid Aluflex edging system

The Ecogrid Aluflex Aluminium edging system in 2 metre lengths which come complete with length joints and earth nails

Ecogrid Aluflex Aluminium edge system is ideal for:


·         Resin bound stone installations that need a sturdy aesthetic single edge profile, this would be the Aluflex 64mm edge.

·         The 19mm edge sits on Ecogrid permeable base system for resin bound stone to create patterns and shapes

·         Lawn Aluminium edging

·         Border edging

·         Sedum green roof tray edging to create a clean, sturdy front face

·         Ecogrid grid system and sub-base retention, this would be the Aluflex 150mm system



The Ecogrid Aluflex system is easy to fit and provides a professional finish to any Ecogrid installation or as a stand-alone product. The edge comes in lengths of 2 metres (other lengths are available on special order. Each length is joined to the next with an Aluflex Aluminium jointer which slots in to the back of the lengths creating seamless profiles. The Ecogrid Aluflex edge can be fitted under Ecogrid permeable grids or outside.


AluFlex 19

AluFlex 64

AluFlex 76

AluFlex 150

Dims (mm) (H/W)

19 x 59

64 x 57

76 X 76

150 X 76

Thickness (mm)





Weight (KG/m)





Length (mm)







Additional Extras

AF Small jointer

AF Large Jointer

Earth Nail

Colours and other sizes are available on request



Ecogrid light duty edge system

Our Ecogrid Flexible edge and pin system is a superb new addition to our range. It can be used in conjunction with your Ecogrid driveway or pathway or as a stand-alone product.


Available in any quantity from one length to thousands of metres, you cannot get a neater finish with any other product of this type.

The Ecogrid edge is totally flexible and can be used to create any curve or straight edge you need. Available in two colours black or green and two depths 45mm and 60mm. 

Featuring a unique sturdy place and pin fixture, the edge seamlessly joins to form a continuous line, great for all Ecogrid applications or as a stand-alone product, when the edges are joined, you get a useable length of 750mm although the edges are actually 800mm in length, this allows for the over-lap, superb for:

  • Resin bound stone edge retainer
  • Gravel driveway retainer
  • Grass driveway retainer
  • Stand alone garden edge for lawns and borders.
  • Made from fully recycled products and is fully recyclable
  • L:800mm, H:60/45mm, D: 80mm
  • Black or green
  • Connectable

1 pallet of 60mm edges contains:

900 edges

1 trade box of 60mm edges contains:

60 edges

1 Pallet of 45mm edges contains:

1050 edges

3500 pins

1 trade box of 45mm edges contains:

70 edges

1 Pack of pins contains:

10 units

1 Box of pins contains:

312 packs of 10 units

N.B. We recommend a minimum of four 250mm pins per edge. Please ask us for stockists

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