Our Certification

RAL is a Worldwide testing method for the quality of plastic products, Ecogrid is the only one in the World holding this certification



The plastics industry, like others is plagued by cheap, inferior imports and goods off­erings that do

not meet basic standards. The RAL quality control standard has been set up to ensure minimum

requirements for plastic products, giving potential purchasers peace of mind that they are buying

quality goods from a decent manufacturer and supplier.


The Ten Commandments:

1. Grids must a run off­ factor of less than 0.4

(Ecogrid has a run off­ rate of 0.2)

2. A warranty greater than legal requirements, minimum 6 years

(Ecogrid carries a 20 year warranty)

3. Resistance against acids, salt, leaching, fertilisers and grease

(Ecogrid is fully resistant)

4. Expansion at 90 degrees and contraction at minus 16 degrees.

(Ecogrid has a maximum expansion/contraction rate of 3%)

5. Ability to withstand crushing according to standards

(Ecogrid complies fully pressure test DIN 124, Ball test DIN EN2031-1,

impact strength DIN 12064 cat 1-5)

6. Comprehensive installation manuals, easy to handle and install

(Ecogrid has a full range of manuals for installation)

7. Doubtless traceability must be ensured

(Ecogrid is from in-house recycled materials, indisputable traceability)

8. Fully UV tested according to DIN 75220, ISO 4892-2

(Ecogrid is tested annually)

9. Frost proof and able to withstand snow ploughs and machinery

(Ecogrid is fully approved and tested)

10. Has to be made from min 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable

(Ecogrid is 100% from recycled plastics and fully recyclable)


There are several classifications required. Ecogrid complies with all.

. Approved criteria for bidders

. Approval of manufacturing technology

. Products exceed current standards and legal requirements

. Fast Tendering procedures

. Reliable supply with pre-de­termined terms of performance

Speci­fied quality and test requirements of the RAL-GZ 806 determining content and coverage

of the pro­duct. These pro­les are split in to four categories:

1. Pedestrian, Cycling, small motor bikes. Load capacity 15 KN

2. Pedestrian use up to small cars. Load capacity 125 KN

3. Surfaces and access ways, ­re lanes, soft shoulders, parking for all vehicles up to 250 KN

4. Surfaces for very high loads, ­re access routes, truck and bus parking up to 400 KN


  • DIN 38412 - Neutral for the environment
  • DIN 4102 - Approval emergency access routes, fire resistance
  • DIN 1072 - Approval for 20 tonne axle load, driveways, road extensions, bridges
  • DIN IN ISO 124 and B125 - Approval for car parks, access roads & storage areas
  • Point axle loading up to 20 T/m², DIN 1072:1985
  • UV-resistant, certified DIN EN 60068-2-5
  • Heavy-duty, tried and tested DIN EN 124:2011
  • Environmentally safe, tested OECD 202:2004
  • Factory warranty: 20 years from purchase date
  • NATO certified E50 - MOD / 9330-99-858-1406

THe RAL principles explained (Click to download)

 Our TUV certificate can be downloaded here so you can check that our products conform to the following specifications



Ecogrid (known as Ecoraster across the rest of Europe) is fully CE certified. You can download the certificate here:


Ecogrid's Intellectual property certification

The 'fish test' for environmental sustainability (No fish died in the making of this certificate!) Click to download



Our no-quibble 20 year guarantee. Click to download

Our Ecogrid MSDS sheet (materials safety data sheet)

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