What our clients are saying about EcoGrid permeable paving and other products in our range.

Dave, Garden Makeovers 4u

"Attached pics of job in Wirral. Great use of EcoGrid to create two big extensions to a very long driveway and edge all the way down. I was also really pleased with the timber retaining walls I built. Ended up using screws for edge fixing throughout as plastic did not work out but the end result for both edge and grids excellent. Client very happy indeed.
I could do with picking up a few squares of EcoGrid Bloxx sometime so I can demo them to clients. The gabions I got from you also working out great but that job on hold now over winter so will send pics next year."

Thomas, The Phoenix Works

"For the last few years we have undertaken a complete sustainable refurbishment of our home. I've seen EcoGrid installations in commercial applications so it made a compelling case for our remit of a quality, durable, permeable driveway covering.
Once the base was prepared the installation was simple and easily completed in the day, including barrowing several tons of decorative gravel to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.
The EcoGrid has been down some months now and has seen heavy traffic (we're building an extension); it still looks great. I'm very pleased and would definitely recommend this simple and effective solution."

Brendan P., Gallagher Architect

"I have used your EcoGrid in a gravel drive location where I felt it would be well and truly tested by oil and coal delivery lorries driving over it. I used it on my own driveway, to see how good it would be at standing up to the pressure of lorries that had to do tight 90° turns.
It was excellent, very successful and I could recommend it to anyone."

Marty, Customer

"Pictures of our finished stable block - I am not sure they do the EcoGrid materials justice but I can say we are delighted with the product and it has transformed a field with stables on skids to a workable and cosy stable yard. Through the single gate where the blocks meet leading to the field we used the grid for hard standing with a hay rick.
I can categorically say this was an absolute god send this winter with it being so wet. The horses didn't really want to venture off the grid into the boggy field and I am only sorry I didn't order more for a bigger area! I have not stopped telling all of my horsey friends about it!"

David, Cutting Edge Landscape Gardeners

"We were struggling to find a solution to a couple of customers' driveways which were losing stone chips and in one drive, which had a roundabout, their chips were being crushed and having to be topped up every few months.
EcoGrid was extremely easy to install and has been well worth it. One customer is delighted that she no longer has to brush the chips off the tarmac as they are all contained within the EcoGrid. Another is over the moon because they have already saved over £400 on topping the chips up when they're crushed under the weight of vehicles.
I would highly recommend EcoGrid to anyone who is chipping their drive, or looking to have a hard standing grass area. Great communication and advice from initial point of contact and very fast efficient delivery."

Client, Fichtel Mountains

"The EcoGrid 'sandwich' method met all of our needs and remains flawless with the same performance even after 12 years in use.
The cost of the installation was less than 50% of what it would have cost with traditional construction methods and we still save yearly storm water taxes. Our asphalt and concrete surfaces do not stand up to the elements as well as the EcoGrid, and this permeable solution also saves salting and sanding.”

Engineer, Canadian Army

"We put the E50 down on a low/wet section of dirt road at the range with no prep and it sat there for weeks being driven over. We did the test without any further prep to see what effect tracked/military vehicles might have on a lonely EcoGrid road. The bulldozer driver asked several times if I really wanted him to do this as he knew how the machine tore up the rest of that road when he had to turn around.
All the nicks and splits are above the dirt line, so filling the cells is a big deal for long term use. It will still be at the range for many years to come!”

Assistant Warden, Peatlands Country Park

"The EcoGrid we purchased is being used to stabilise our paths, many of which take visitors across our peat bog. Given the 'fragile' nature of peat, our paths can become churned up and mushy underfoot from the constant flow of people. People then avoid the mushy path and start walking along the edges, creating increasingly wider paths.
We laid a small area of EcoGrid about 3 years ago. This has been very successful. It creates an invisible mat which allows the natural vegetation to grow up through. It is quick and easy to lay, is stable underfoot, maintenance free and should last for years."
(The below review pertains to EcoGrid Flexible Edge)

Martin Timms, Customer

"People constantly stop to admire the transformed look of the front of our house. I struggled finding garden edging which would cope with uneven steeply sloping ground which also flattens out towards the top end. After researching many products, I decided that the Flexible Edge was best able to cope with these demands because it's flexible enough to bend slightly over bumps and any transitions from a slope to a flatter piece of ground.
The ground is also full of stones and rocks which again could have been a challenge, or at least an awful lot of hard work digging out. Again the Flexible Edge copes well with those demands. It's my first major gardening project (so there are minor imperfections), but importantly it did the job I needed and was easy to use."

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