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– Manege building   – Bulldozer   – EcoBound installation   – Green Driveway

EcoGrid 20 Year Anniversary

Take a look inside our recycling and manufacturing facility in Germany to celebrate our 20th birthday with us!

EcoGrid Range Explained

Our range of grids and accessories explained to you!

EcoGrid and resin bound stone

What do we supply?

A Great example of Ecogrid-Ecoraster HGV use

Showing how strong and robust Ecogrid is for commercial use

EcoGrid in Golfsports

This video demonstrates EcoGrid golfing applications. See how to get a stunning permeable golf cart roadway to whisk your client from club to tee!

EcoGrid manege building

Shows how easy it is to lay Ecogrid

EcoGrid & Ecoraster on horse sancturies

Shows Ecogrid Ecoraster in use with Icelandic ponies

EcoGrid versus a Bulldozer!

See how Ecogrid copes with a very heavy bulldozer whilst being laid only on sand and filled with the same.

Ecogrid EcoBound Installation at BRE Innovation Park, Watford

Details of the recent (September 2013) Ecogrid EcoBound Resin Bound Stone installation at BRE Innovation Park in Watford.

EcoGrid How-To-Build-A-Green-Driveway

Archived video of EcoGrid E-50 being used to quickly and easily create a long-lifed green (porous) porous driveway. EcoGrid outlasts any other type of paving, while requiring substantially less site preparation than any other type of pavement surface material - often the only preparation required is to remove the existing surface (if the existing surface is asphalt or concrete or another low-quality paving surface).

Showing the drainage capacity of Ecogrid

An amazing example of just how free draining Ecogrid is.

Ecogrid curve

An explanation of how the Ecogrid curving piece works

Ecogrid Bloxx

A video showing Ecogrid Bloxx, it's potential and free draining capabilities.

Snow plowing Purus EcoGrid

Video showing how the Purus EcoGrid can be snow plowed.

EcoGrid Heavy Vehicle Traffic

A video showing EcoGrid withstanding a heavy vehicle with ease.

EcoGrid for the British Army

An amusing video of our troops doing a charity song whilst walking on Ecogrid in Afghanistan!

EcoGrid horse arena in construction

Details the construction of a premier riding arena. From laying the grids to riding the horses this video shows how simple it is to create the perfect riding surface.

EcoGrid driveway construction in Oregon

Video of Porous Paving Driveway Construction - High-Vehicular-Loading, Commercial-grade engineered gravel driveway construction.

EcoGrid outdoor riding arena installation

this video shows the installation of an outdoor riding arena, it highlights the simplicity of the installation and shows the quality of the finished surface.

EcoGrid gravel road installation

Shows the installation of an EcoGrid gravel road in Washington, USA.

The EcoGrid production process

From recycled plastic pellets to the worlds most innovative paving solution, this video details the production process of the EcoGrid.

EcoGrid Car Park

Shows the installation of an EcoGrid permeable car park in Iowa, USA.

EcoSedum green roof installation

A detailed video describing EcoSedum trays and their advantages, plus footage of a green roof installation.

A brief video with Ecogrid example uses

Just a few uses of our No1 permeable paving product

A brief video of Ecogrid being used for a pathway and embankment support

Just a few uses of our No1 permeable paving product

A brief video of Ecogrid being used as a base system fo a resin bound stone installation

Just a few uses of our No1 permeable paving product

A video on how to measure up for a new inspection chamber

Taking the strain from measuring a drain......cover!

EcoGrid why do other products fail?

A video showing cheap imported products that easily fail under normal use

EcoGrid: Ecoraster pathway installation in Iceland

A video showing the versatility of Ecogrid protecting a superb natural environment

EcoGrid: Ecoraster how does it cope with a heavy snow fall?

A video showing how snow is quickly removed from an Ecogrid car-park

EcoGrid: A Great Ecoraster Bloxx installation

The great versatility of Ecogrid Bloxx on an Ecogrid car-park
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